Since September 2011 I have been studying part-time a Foundation Degree in Music Industry Entrepreneurship ( the University of Glamorgan, Wales,

my principle mentor throughout the course is Dr Paul Carr, check out his blog. . The other course tutor is Jon Goode.

As the course allows accreditation for prior learning which can be translated into prior experience, it has also caused much personal reflection as I delve into the ‘Pavey music archives’, (over 25  years of material). I have also picked-up the technique of academic essay writing which has been an interesting task.

Having finished an exceedingly busy 2010/2011 season with 5 premieres in German, Swiss and Cypriot theatres, over 50 performances and four compositions for dance choreography. The following season (2011/2012) would usually be spent practicing my various instruments while making compositional notes, experimenting with ideas for new compositions and doing bits of work here and there.

For example in January I worked in Lausanne, CH,  for one of the worlds leading ballet competitions and

I have previously released four albums on CD, two dance class and two of composition works, this February I released a fifth album for dance class ‘You scratch my back…I’ll scratch yours’.

I have also produced music for Patrik van den Boom, a clown from Norway and his short film :

and a second short film for Tom Strini from the states: 

Several other short pieces have been made for commercial projects however, they are also in process and neither have links nor further available information (not everybody wants to workshop their ideas and plans in a blog format and still ‘analogue man’ and his ‘release dates’ play a role in present society).

In May, I conducted a performance of my arrangement for string orchestra from a section of music previously made for a choreography by Nick Hobbs called ‘Ek Stasis’.

The subsequent blogs (there will be 11 more) are the final stages in my effort to procure the Foundation degree and in these digital missives I will be noting my present compositional work with Helen Wragg and her stage production of “The Odyssey” by Homer. Not given to sharing my feelings via the internet, I will do my best to keep you informed of my working process and the compositional elements and form with which I work.