There are several instruments that immediately come to mind that will be suitable for this production. I do need to think about as many instruments as possible, within practical limits, to give me as much choice with texture and colour as possible. For example, a piano for all its versatility, drums and percussion for their rhythmic and archaic effects, a flute of sorts (probably a Slovakian Fujara) and quite probably an electric cello (for its combination of  real and strange sounds).

I was recently in the gallery ‘Uffizi’ (Florenceand saw in the picture ‘Perseus Freeing Andromeda’ by 16th century artist Piero di Cosimo, an instrument that looked like a cross Hurdy-Gurdy with a Flute/Bombarde.

Given the mythological influence of this scene, I am aiming to capture some of its resounding imagery in elements of my musical score. In the forthcoming blogs I will present some video clips of my early ideas and themes.