There are several occasions when a ‘sea shanty‘ is needed, there being often scenes in this production with many sailors. As I am not working literally when regarding the period i.e. trying to recreate music from 800 B.C.E, I will use a style typical of popular shanty (‘popular’ may not be the best choice of word).

As characters in the production will be learning this song, I am trying to keep it simple both in melody and in text. Easy to repeat, easy to remember etc. It’s too early to decide exactly upon a key signature also but in general I have found that the key of G major seems to hit the vocal range of most. In any case, when a note is too high or too low that is the ideal moment for a harmony note ever so popular when singing a shanty!

This clip shows just myself, no harmony, and a few verses. I am intending to ask the cast to write a line each so that they may each get chance to lead a verse. The instrument is a blend  of  Greek Bazouki and  Turkish Saz, one that I commissioned a few years ago by english luthier Paul Hathway.