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With an understanding of the work and all the practical matters agreed it is then down to an initial discussion to comprehend the needs and desires of the director. This is one of the most important moments in the process of collaboration, a balance between giving and taking ideas which produces positive and creative inspiration for all concerned.

If it is the first time you work together with someone, there is always a delicate moment at the begining where you grasp the artistic direction of the person you are about to work with ( hopefully, you find yourselves on the same wave length). I always attempt to ease back and let the director or choreographer speak as much as possible so I get the best idea   which creative direction to take in our discussion.

However well you may like someone as a person, you may not find a common ground immediately with which to work creatively and I find it important to remain open and as flexible as possible.

Picture above is `Perseus Releases Andromida` by Wiewael 1630


Paul Pavey with socks

Hello and Welcome

In this blog, I will talk    about my experiences  accompanying  modern and contemporary dance classes,  something I have done since 1984.  The first classes I played  were  held in Chichester College of Technology, Drama and Dance Department.  Over the years, I have travelled the world, playing classes for companies, schools and academies and various associations and have had the pleasure to work with some wonderful inspiring teachers and some absolutely stunning dancers.

I  also give workshops to musicians on `how to approach playing a contemporary dance class` and on occasion have been sponsored by the British Council to do so.  Here is a link to some of the schools and companies I have played for Class Accompaniment-pavey

I plan to make this blog less personally reflective but more as informative as possible and hope that this may be of interest to accompanists and any musicians who are preparing to play for a dance class.  It may well be of interest  to dance students and teachers also ! Please feel free to post comments and especially questions..